Kahlua Liqueur 1 Litre

Kahlua Liqueur 1 Litre

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The world's number 1 best selling coffee liqueur makes one of the most useful cocktail mixers or perfect enough to savour on its on.

Another liqueur whose precise production details are shrouded in secrecy. All we can tell you is the coffee beans are Mexico's finest and the alcohol comes from distilled cane sugar.

Aromas of bittersweet coffee bean and roasted chestnut combine with flavours of coffee, rum and sweet butter in a creamy concoction.

Kahlua is a necessary ingredient for many classic shorts as well as Black or White Russians, Mudslides, Espresso Martinis, Brandy Alejandros... the list is practically endless.

An essential tool of the trade.

20% ABV

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