Francoli Fernet Liqueur 700ml

Francoli Fernet Liqueur 700ml

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Fernet is a traditional Italian bitter spirit. Originating in the 1800's, the liqueur was purported to have medicinal properties and was said to be anti-choleric.

Due to its medicinal claims, Fernet was still legal and available during American prohibition.

Always popular in Italy and traditionally drunk as a 'digestivo' after a meal, Fernet is gaining cult status the world over now. It is often dubbed the 'Jagermeister for men'.

Paradoxically Fernet has a reputation as a useful hangover cure.

Contains 40 different herbs, blossoms and spices including enzian, saffron, myrrh and camomile. The majority of these natural ingredients are sourced locally to the Francoli distillery in the foothills of the Swiss mountains.

The flavours are extracted through distillation and the dark mixture is rested in oak barrels for 3 months to marry and mellow prior to bottling.

40% ABV

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