Filliers 17 YO Barrel Aged Genever 700ml

Filliers 17 YO Barrel Aged Genever 700ml

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Introducing Filliers distillery - distilled in Belgian, crafted with experience.

Popular for ages in the Netherlands and Belgium, genever (also known as geneva, genievre, jenever, Holland gin or Dutch gin) is a distilled malted spirit (like an un-aged Scotch whisky) that is often blended with grain neutral spirit, then infused or further distilled with various herbs and spices, including a healthy amount of juniper, like gin. It can be clear, lightly aged or aged in oak for several years.

It was genever that British soldiers “discovered” when fighting alongside the Dutch in the late 1500s. This served both medicinal and recreational functions and provided the term “Dutch courage”, often swigged right before battle. This soon led to the creation of juniper driven gins.

Genever, though, is a different beast. It’s a malty, full bodied spirit with a nutty, earthy quality. Fans of mezcals or smokey Scotch whisky might readily embrace the uniqueness of genever. For others, it can be an acquired taste, though one totally worth acquiring. Genever is often named the missing link between gin and whisky.

The 17 year old expression has wood on the nose contrasted with pine tree notes. The palate is intensely vanilla and oak with creamy spiciness and black pepper.

Quite marvellous.

46% ABV

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