Filliers 1928 Tribute Dry Gin 500ml

Filliers 1928 Tribute Dry Gin 500ml

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Introducing Filliers distillery - distilled in Belgian, crafted with experience. The Filliers family had been producing jenever, gin's ancestor, in Belgium since the 19th century and adding gin to their repertoire was perhaps the next logical step. Today, their gin is still made with a secret blend of citrus fruits, herbs and roots.

As the name suggests, this tribute gin is an homage to the Filliers family. The original recipe dates back to 1828, when third generation Firmin Filliers ran the company and developed the recipe.

The rich history of this gin is reflected not only in the flavor of the original recipe but also in the form of the original bottle.

At the time, Firmin could only obtain pharmacy bottles to bottle his product. It was an emergency solution at the time because glass was very expensive. A visionary move that still informs the presentation of Filliers Dry Gin 28 to this day.

48% ABV

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