Gonzalez Byass 'Elegante' Fino Sherry 750 ml

Gonzalez Byass 'Elegante' Fino Sherry 750 ml

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Born in Spain, sherry goes back a few thousand years. It is made primarily from the Palomino grape, fortified with grape brandy and classed as a fortified wine.

Fino sherry is made from an 11% white wine topped up with brandy to 15% and allowed to age in barrels for 5 years under a top floating yeast.

Gonzalez Byass has been producing high quality sherry in Jerez for over 175 years. They are best known for the award winning, ultra-dry Fino, Tio Pepe,

This is a perfect aperitif, made from the Palomino grape. Dry and complex, this sherry shows shows oxidative notes of died fruit and nuts and a fragrant nose.

Elegante Fino Sherry is a great match for cheese, olives, fish and white meats.  

15% ABV

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