Panhead Rat Rod 6 x 330ml Bottles

Panhead Rat Rod 6 x 330ml Bottles

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Panhead Brewery appeared in 2013 when Mike Neilson left the security of a full time job at Tuatara Brewery to start his own operation in a former tyre factory in Upper Hutt, north of Wellington, New Zealand.

Whatever you call them - hazy, juicy, milkshake, East Coast or New England - raw, unfiltered IPAs are where the committed hophead goes for the biggest, fruitiest hit.

Panhead takes up the challenge with Rat Rod, named after the chopped, low slung, rough and rusty specials that signalled a back to basics approach in hot rodding.

True to its namesake Rat Rod prioritises go over show. And to signal its intentions, it’s joining the legendary Panhead core range.

6.5% ABV

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